Does God exist?

Does God exist? And if He does, how can we know for sure? Or is faith a leap in the dark?

“I’m an atheist,” said a man visiting Calvary Baptist Church recently.

He caught me off-guard, even though I am studying, along with several other students, the very subject of responding to such claims.

One normally doesn’t get such statements thrown at them in a church building.

Increasingly, professors publicly challenge our university students.

On the first day of class, a professor abruptly asked, “I’d like to see a show of hands. How many bible-believing Christians do we have in the auditorium today? Don’t be bashful.”

Photo: “Does God exist?” was the question these students grappled with during the fall of 2012. Photo by Robert McRoberts

A half-dozen people raised their hands. Then the professor said, “That’s good. My goal will be to change everything you Christians think you know about the bible and about Jesus.”

To counter such challenges, the goal of our bible school ministry at Calvary Baptist during the fall of 2012 was to delve into arguments for the existence of God using history, science, philosophy and the bible. A similar theme continues through the spring of 2013 with a slightly narrower focus: “Is the bible reliable?”

A video presentation produced by and featuring Dr. Stephen Meyer is the backbone for our lessons.

“I love listening to Dr. Meyer,” said one student. “He makes everything so clear.”

A friendly welcome is extended to any student who wishes to join us each Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Future studies will accentuate recent archaeological evidence that supports the bible.

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