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Greetings Mainstreeter readers.

Allow me to introduce myself: the paper’s new editor. I have the honour of following in the footsteps of people such as Margaret Dunn, Jan D’Arcy and, most recently, Joseph Zebrowski. My first goal is to live up to their examples : to enlighten our community, entertain it and bring it together.

A special sense of starting over abounds in Old Ottawa East this year. We are entering a period of tremendous possibility. We should revel in the moment. We have before us opportunities large and small to transform our neighbourhoods.

In fact, the rest of the city may take note of our experience.

You will see some of those opportunities described in this edition. There is Kate Jaimet’s piece about the city council decision setting the stage for Main Street reconstruction. The rebuilding of our primary thoroughfare stands to be the dominant story of the next two years. How our community adapts, how it withstands the upheaval and emerges from it is a story we will tell for many years.

As editor, I believe this newspaper should be there: chronicling the arrival of the new Main Street: the setbacks, challenges, dramas, disagreements and triumphs.

While Main Street promises the biggest change, it will hardly be alone. In the coming years, new residents are expected to move in to a re-developed Oblates property. A new bridge could link Old Ottawa East to the Glebe. Businesses will experience transition – evident this summer at the Isabella Street Loblaws and the shops at Main and Hazel.

Our parks – the green spaces residents cherish and visitors admire – might take on new appearances.

Even our residences are evolving: modern houses taking their places next to traditional.

Amid such activity, consider adding your voice. Nothing makes me prouder, as this issue of the Mainstreeter leaves the gate, than to see three new bylines: the aforementioned Kate Jaimet, Allison Anderson (writing on the re-shaping of Ballantyne Park) and Meredith Newberry (writing about an OOE resident who braved Ellesmere Island).

Let me urge all of you, whatever your age or experience, to join the ranks of our correspondents. Together, we can deliver a profound document, one that reflects the wisdom, humour and spontaneity that characterize life in Old Ottawa East. Drop me a line at mainstreetereditor@gmail.com. Let’s talk about your impressions of where we live at this significant time.

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