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Joe Paraskevas, Mainstreeter Editor

Joe Paraskevas, Mainstreeter Editor

Le ruisseau des jours aujourd’hui s’arrête
Et forme un étang où chacun peut voir
Comme en un miroir, l’amour qu’il reflète
Pour ces cœurs à qui je souhaite
Le temps de vivre nos espoirs

Each culture has songs meant to swell hearts.

From the first time I heard it, I loved listening to Land of Hope and Glory on the Last Night of the Proms from London’s Royal Albert Hall. I liked God Bless America when its performance marked a truly special occasion, before the 9-11 terrorist attacks made it a ubiquitous presence at American sports events.

But my fondness for those two songs paled compared to the attraction I felt when I heard Gens Du Pays during a stay in Jonquière in Quebec’s Saguenay region in the spring of ’82. Lyrics that evoked the passage of time, references to love rather than God-given grandeur, the song spoke of life both ordinary and splendid.

To me, it’s a fitting reference for my last piece as editor of the Mainstreeter.

I don’t think my formula for the last four years was terribly complicated. I tried to educate and entertain. I was fortunate to meet more than a few people with good stories to tell. Don’t ask me to name my favourites. Each telling was shared experience.

The Streeter board put up with me. Thanks go to its members and to the correspondents who helped fill pages, the web team that fought to establish the paper’s online and social media identity, our layout designer, translators, printers and distributors: cheerful and reasonable and capable. It was a pleasure to work with one and all.

Where do we go from here? As for me, I will write. I expect to be back in these pages again. The Mainstreeter and those who support it should work to fill in gaps I left: a stronger online presence, more French stories, an even greater understanding of how vital a community paper can be.

In the end, it is up to all of us: to chronicle our present – its successes and shortcomings, to recall how we once lived, and to anticipate with insight and a sense of fun what’s coming, what’s ahead.

Gens du pays, c’est votre tour
De vous laisser parler d’amour

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