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Dr. Geneviève Audet (L) and Dr. Cynthia Simon (R) hope to open the River Dental Clinic in Corners on Main by August 2019. Their family dentistry practise will accept new patients and offer orthodontic and cosmetic services.


By Jean Cassidy 

Old Ottawa East (OOE) residents are getting used to the ever-changing community vibe and have begun to anticipate what changes will come next.  One question that seems to have gripped the neighbourhood is: What commercial retailers or services can we expect to see opening soon in OOE? 

Some details are beginning to emerge. There are two health-related services that are certain to open in OOE in the coming months.  Dr. Cynthia Simon and Dr. Geneviève Audet, practising family dentistry, and offering orthodontic and cosmetic services, hope to open the doors to River Dental Clinic by August 2019.   

 A little further south, at 230 Main Street in the former Caisse Populaire branch, Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia, a facial cosmetic surgeon, is currently overseeing renovations.  Both surgical and non-surgical treatment options can be discussed with her through consultation.  Dr. Javidnia is targeting an early fall 2018 opening.  Additional practitioners may join later.  See her website for more details: 

Domicile’s The Corners on Main, Phase 2 building, will offer 14,000 square feet of commercial ground floor frontage on the northeast corner of Main Street and des Oblats Avenue.  At the southeast corner of the same intersection, Greystone Village will seek tenants for their 20,000 square feet of commercial space.   

The timeline for determining Greystone Village commercial occupancy is still many months away, as developers await approval by the City of Ottawa on updated plans that include this commercial space.  News on approvals is expected in early fall of this year.  Serious discussions with commercial stakeholders will not take place until approvals are secured, pushing occupancy to approximately two years post-approvals.    

News of commercial occupancy in Corners on Main, Phase 2 appears to be much more imminent. David Chick, Senior Vice President at Domicile, has made it clear that the goal is to bring in what is of interest to the community, while at the same time, quantifying the candidate’s proven business acumen.   

“We want to ensure the presence of longstanding additions to the community.  Domicile will retain ownership of the premises”, said Chick, “and as a result will hold a seat on the Board of Directors of the Phase 2 association.  Our ongoing commercial presence will be based on a relationship of trust and accountability”.   

The strength of the enquiries coming in and/or generated by Cantor Realty Corporation on Domicile’s behalf, is exciting, according to Chick, but hard details are difficult to come by until contracts are signed.   Examples of interest currently tracked include: a real estate office, food/grocery, coffee house franchise, bakery/bread, a wine outlet, and a physiotherapy practice.   

 However, until contracts are signed, it’s all just whispered speculation.  Interested parties who would remain open into the evening hours would be ideal, adding to the vibrancy of the community, and raising its potential as a target destination that can draw customers from our neighbouring communities: The Golden Triangle of Elgin Street, Sandy Hill, Alta Vista, Old Ottawa South and the Glebe.  

Change?  Yup, some is already here, and the rest of it is coming along, sooner or later! 

If you have a favourite business or service, that you currently are willing to drive to, and would like to see in Old Ottawa East, bring the company name forward to the land developers or their real estate managers for consideration as a lead for discussion, research and possible negotiations.  




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