Cadence Farm founders take over Main market

Cadence Farm founders Brett Weddle and Noel Dhingra are stepping into David Coyne’s shoes as the new Main Street Farmer’s Market management team. As small farmers who already sell at Main Street, the pair have a unique perspective on how to create a market experience that is great for customers and producers alike.  

Cadence Farm founders Brett Weddle (right) and Noel Dhingra.

Cadence Farm founders Brett Weddle (right) and Noel Dhingra.

“I became an organic farmer to advocate for good food in my community, connecting eaters with growers to accelerate the shift toward alternative food systems,” says Dhingra. “I am delighted to be an advocate for local food in this new capacity, and I look forward to engaging further with local growers, bakers, roasters, makers and the people in this community and beyond who appreciate their products”. 

Brett Weddle has a lengthy connection to Old Ottawa East as a lifelong Green Door patron, and more recently as a vegetable vendor at the market. “I’ve seen Ottawa change a lot over my lifetime, and I like what I see in Old Ottawa East,” says Weddle.  “The farmer’s market stimulates the local economy and is a catalyst for social change and environmental sustainability. This is something that I am honoured to support.”

Both Weddle and Dhingra were warmly welcomed as new farmers by everyone at Main Street Market last season, and they were enthused to know that the local community was behind them, no matter how many weeds were waiting back at the farm!  They are grateful for the opportunity to return that support to the community and look forward to welcoming new growers and eaters into the heart of Old Ottawa East. 

And as for the former head of the market, Coyne steps down from the post after three years at the helm, having overseen the growth and evolution of the popular market through a turbulent move and relocation. “Community and food security are priorities of mine as an erstwhile chef and educator,” says Coyne, “and now, as a board member still very much involved in supporting its success, I anticipate watching Main Market come into its own in this burgeoning neighbourhood. Noel and Brett are passionate, dedicated farmers and caring, artistic community-minded humans; the market is in good hands!” 

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