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By Catherine McKenna, MP, Ottawa Centre

As I’ve learned in conversations in the riding, residents of Ottawa Centre care greatly about getting outdoors, protecting Canada’s natural beauty and animals, and ensuring we have clean air and water for future generations. I am proud to represent a riding that cares so deeply about our environment.  

Our government is committed to preserving and protecting our environment as we understand our quality of life and prosperity are directly tied to it.  Here a few of the investments and actions we have taken:  

Protecting Nature and Ensuring Clean Water 

  • A historic $1.3 billion to protect and preserve Canada’s lands and wildlife  
  • An Oceans Protections Plan to make our coasts healthier, safer, and better protected 
  •  Investments to protect the Great Lakes which support over 50 million jobs and provide clean drinking water for 40 million people 

Tackling Climate Change and Growing a Clean Economy  

  • A national climate plan to phase out coal, make polluters pay, and invest in public transit and green infrastructure to cut pollution and grow our economy 
  • $2.3 billion to support clean technology in Canada that brings cutting edge solutions to protecting the environment while creating good jobs 
  • A Global Plastics Charter to keep plastic out of our waters  

Greening Ottawa 

I’m also working with the city, local organizations and business, and residents to make Ottawa the greenest capital in the world. This is about improving our quality of life, doing our part to tackle climate change, and growing a clean economy and promoting job creation.  

Investing in Clean Transportation  

  • Investing over $1 billion in Ottawa’s LRT project, to shorten commutes and better connect you to services while reducing greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Securing $10.5 million towards the new Passerelle Flora Footbridge in order to make walking and cycling easier and safer 
  • $55 million towards repairing NCC pathways and bridges 

Preserving our Waters 

  • Initiating the Ottawa River Watershed Study to develop a conservation strategy for our local water systems 
  • Designating the Ottawa River as a Heritage River to ensure its long-term health for swimming, drinking, and fishing 
  • Installing three new access points along the Rideau Canal, making it easier than ever to appreciate our local history and nature 

Together, we have done a lot, but I want us to aim higher, our goal should be to grow Ottawa into the greenest capital in the world! We all play a role together in protecting Canada’s climate as we move towards a greener future. 

As always, if you have any questions about our government initiatives, do not hesitate to contact my community office (613-946-8682) or send me an email (  

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