Community events column: August 2018

Springhurst Park Action (SPA) is celebrating our third summer of fun and games-sharing in Springhurst Park! 

31.B. MS. IMG.Community Events.Springhurst Park Action.jpegWhat began as a few hula hoops hung up for random use has now grown to include two mini-soccer nets, a soccer rebound wall, a mini- and a full-size ping-pong table, badminton nets, a grass volleyball net, throw and catch scoops, a couple of peg puzzles and all the balls and rackets needed to play the various sports and games. 

All the equipment for the sports and games is set out every day throughout the summer from late afternoon until dusk, and it’s free to enjoy for all park users. 

Check out SPA’s Facebook Page for some pictures and videos.  Please “Like” us, or better still, head down to Springhurst Park and enjoy some active outdoor fun with the with your friends, family and neighbours! 


August is abloom with kid’s activities at The Children’s Garden

There’s lots of free fun for young gardeners of all ages at The Children’s Garden during the month of August.  Check out these no charge fun and educational activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the month:

Artsy Tuesdays (1-2:15pm) 

7th – Leaf impressions – examine different leaves and make leaf prints out of clay
21st – Sunflower bloom – explore and measure the sunflowers in the garden and then make a sunflower craft  

28th – DIY Kites – learn about the role wind plays in a garden and make your own kite 

 Watermelon Wednesdays (6-7:15pm) 

8th – Soil Inquiry – explore different parts of soil and create your own soil model with delicious cookies.  

22nd – Big hunt – learn about and discover different bugs in the garden  

29th – Nature Hunt – go on a nature search and check off what you find on your list 

Fun Fridays (10-11:15am)
3rd – Grass heads – create your own version of a chia pet using grass seeds, soil and nylon
10th – Butterfly cycle – Act out the lifecycle of a butterfly at different stations in the garden & then do a fun craft 

24th – Sundial – make your own sundial to tell time 

31st – Garden Bingo – what kind of animals, plants and nature can you find in the garden?

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