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Wednesday, January 20, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

Sustaining Biodiversity in Old Ottawa East webinar – A free ZOOM virtual community event presented by The Mainstreeter.

You are invited to attend The Mainstreeter’s next Community Panel webinar on Social Issues on Wednesday, January 20th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. As your community newspaper, we are proud to present: Sustaining Biodiversity in Old Ottawa East, a free virtual event that will bring together expert presenters who reside within Old Ottawa East (OOE) to discuss the natural (non-human) ecosystems that exist in our community and respond to your questions.

The Sustaining Biodiversity webinar is the second in a series of topical expert presentations on social issues that confront the community of Old Ottawa East. The Mainstreeter is proud to present its Social Issues Series in collaboration with our community partner organizations, The Atelier for Social Innovation at Saint Paul University and the Community Activities Group (CAG) of Old Ottawa East.

This virtual information session will offer a community-centric examination of the plants and wildlife that co-exist with all of us who reside in Old Ottawa East. It will examine the risk factors that pose a danger to the various life forms that comprise our non-human ecosystems, and focus on what residents of Old Ottawa East can do to help preserve our endangered species and their habitats?

If you are thinking about these issues, and you are concerned about the natural ecosystems of our community and how to safeguard them, you may find this webinar to be both important and timely.

So please join us for the Sustaining Biodiversity webinar from the safety of your own homes in Old Ottawa East. Our neighbours in adjoining communities, including Old Ottawa South, the Glebe and Alta Vista, will find our series of panel presentations on social issues to be of interest as well, and everyone is very welcome to attend!

Jayson is current chair of Sustainable Living Ottawa East (SLOE), the environmental committee for the Old Ottawa East Community Association. Jayson is a writer with a PhD in philosophy from the University of Ottawa. Among his activities with SLOE, Jayson has been involved in shoreline conservation work along the Rideau River including efforts to combat burdock and other invasive weed species. He and his family have been Old Ottawa East residents for four years and he enjoys contributing to community life in this great corner of our city.

Robb Barnes is the Executive Director of Ecology Ottawa. Before joining Ecology Ottawa as a volunteer in 2013, Robb worked in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Robb brought advocacy experience to Ecology Ottawa from his time in politics and non-profits, and policy experience from his time as a management consultant working closely with various levels of government. Robb is passionate about environmental and animal welfare issues, community organizing and urban design. A resident of Old Ottawa East, Robb holds a Masters in Public and International Affairs, where he focused on connections between ecological economics and urban sprawl.

Amy is an environmental biologist, working in the Natural Systems & Rural Affairs unit at the City of Ottawa. In addition to working on sub-watershed studies, environmental assessments and other planning initiatives, Amy organises the City’s Wildlife Speaker Series events. She also developed and maintains lists of several types of wildlife found in Ottawa, including a list of Species at Risk. Other recent projects include the development of Bird-Safe Design Guidelines and the City Hall Pollinator Garden. Prior to joining the City in 2006, Amy worked for 7 years as an environmental consultant.

Mary is a professional engineer and director of the environmental consultancy, Envirings Inc. She provides policy and program advice on water environment to various levels of government, non-government organizations and international researchers. Her PhD research was on how urbanization changes the flows in rivers and associated changes in fish communities. A long-time resident of Old Ottawa East, Mary is a sessional lecturer at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Prior to being a consultant, she managed various water infrastructure portfolios in Ottawa for 15 years.

We hope that future panel presentations in our series can take place in-person, however, for the time being, to ensure participant safety, our panel on Sustaining Biodiversity will be presented as a ZOOM meeting. All you need to do is register in advance, fire up your laptop after dinner on January 20th at 7:00 pm and join us! Register now for the Sustaining Biodiversity in Old Ottawa East community webinar at:

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