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Quinn Abugov

On Main Street just north of the Queensway sits an unassuming property overlooked by many residents of Old Ottawa East. However, the property is becoming rather well known to the four-legged members of local families, and to many other canines of distinction in Ottawa who have chosen The Hounds for their dental care. One such pooch is Dougie the Potcake who recently visited The Hounds to have his teeth cleaned.

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As humans, we are taught from a young age the importance of following the basic rules of oral healthcare – brush and floss your teeth twice per day to keep the dentist away, or something along those lines. Furthermore, scary words like, gingivitis, plaque and cavities get seared into our brains from a young age by concerned dentists and parents alike.

But this begs the question, what about our furry, four-legged K9 friends? What happens when they are afflicted with gum disease, plaque and/or tartar build-up? What do you do when your dog’s breath can literally peel paint off the wall? How do you get them to sit still and relax for more than a few nanoseconds while you try to brush their teeth? Well, good thing you are reading the latest copy of The Mainstreeter, because we have the answer.
Enter, The Hounds, a local, one-stop shop for your dog’s dental needs.

Located at the north end of Main Street, The Hounds offers quality, local pet care from an expert technician with over 25 years of experience in the field. After initially setting up shop elsewhere in the city, The Hounds moved to its current location during the COVID pandemic and has been operating there since 2021. As was the case with many dog-centric businesses during the pandemic, The Hounds’ business exploded as many people acquired a dog during lockdown.

The Hounds ownership is very appreciative of the community aspect of Old Ottawa East and encourages customers to check out local businesses such as Happy Goat and Greens and Beans during the wait for their pets. Being located next to the Canal was also noted as a neighbourhood highlight and many customers head for a stroll during the 40-minute dental procedures.

Much of the owner’s professional life has been spent working in the world of animals, having previously run a doggy day care and pet grooming operation in Southern Ontario, before relocating to Ottawa. In fact, the teeth cleaning services have become so popular that the operation pivoted to full-time dental care.

The business has a few features that make it a unique player in the world of doggy dental care. The Hounds offers a non-distractive, quiet and relaxing atmosphere for the animals, and only hand instruments are used for a gentle, calming cleaning experience. Dogs are not harnessed during the treatment, and they refrain from using equipment that makes loud noises.

The Hounds does not use anaesthetics on animals and instead relies on relaxation techniques like massages to gain trust. Each dog is alone during their treatment sessions, further removing stimulus from the room and making the experience that much more comfortable. In addition to the dental services, The Hounds also offers nail trimming and behaviour consultations for local dog owners, adding to its already impressive cache of service offerings.

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