Veteran, and Rookie Earn 2019 Hosers Of The Year

By John Dance

A long-time veteran and a rookie hoser were selected as the 2019 Brantwood Community Rink “Hosers of the Year.” Geoff Nimmo, one of the original hosers who founded the rink 26 years ago, doesn’t even skate on the rink and his children have long gone but he continues to contribute because he sees the great value in this community asset.

OOE residents Geoff Nimmo (L) and Louis Denis display one of the community’s most coveted volunteer trophies after the pair were honoured with the 2019 Brantwood Park “Hosers of the Year” Award. Photo by John Dance

Louis Denis, the rookie, is a new resident of Greystone Village but from his home on Clegg Street he quickly became interested in the volunteer-driven rink in the middle of Brantwood Park. Volunteers were greatly challenged by this year’s severe winter conditions and in dealing with the aftermath of the sewer replacement work on the rink site, says rink czar Marco DeNigris.

“I think it had been 26 years for me,” recalled Nimmo. “My earliest recollection was flattening the snow before flooding. We had no truck to help flatten it so we had our children bring down their sleds and we pulled them back and forth over the snow until we had the outlines of the rink. I also remember how we used to have the water attachment in a box around the middle of the field. You had to reach down to attach the hose – it’s much easier today.

“Our family is new to the neighbourhood, so helping with the rink was a great way to get to know new people and be part of the community,” says Denis. “Marco made it easy and enjoyable to get involved. It’s also lot’s fun and rewarding to see an outdoor rink come to life… becoming the place where local kids meet daily to skate and play hockey.”

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