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The Mainstreeter Newspaper Inc. is a non-profit community newspaper supported by its advertisers. The views expressed herein are those of contributors and advertisers, and do not necessarily represent the views of the editorial staff, the sponsor or the advertisers. The Mainstreeter Newspaper Inc. is distributed free of charge to all Old Ottawa East residents.

The community of Old Ottawa East is located on either side of Main Street, east of the Canal, west of the Rideau River, south of Sandy Hill and north of Old Ottawa South. It encompasses the area that was once the Village of Ottawa East. Main St. was the main street of the village and the name remained after it was annexed to the City of Ottawa because Ottawa had no other Main Street in 1907. Much of Old Ottawa East’s  programming takes place at or around Old Town Hall at 61 Main Street through the work of the Community Activities Group of Old Ottawa East.


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High school volunteers should submit their papers for signature to Cleta Kowalik
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