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The Mainstreeter is a non-profit community newspaper supported by its advertisers and published by Old Ottawa East Community Newspaper Inc. The views expressed in The Mainstreeter are those of contributors, and advertisers, and do not necessarily represent the views of the editorial staff, the sponsors, or the advertisers.

Four thousand copies of the Mainstreeter are distributed free of charge to all Old Ottawa East residents and commercial establishments.

Please send article submissions, under 600 words, and letters to the editor, under 250 words, to editor@mainstreeter.ca in MS Word format. Letters to the editor must include name and street address and may be edited for length and clarity

The board of directors

  • Ron Rose                      Chair                                                    chair@mainstreeter.ca
  • Whitney Bond              Secretary
  • Cynthia Dwyer             Treasurer
  • BJ Siekierski
  • Dianne Wing
  • Dwayne Beattie

Production Team

  • Lorne Abugov             Editor                                                   editor@mainstreeter.ca
  • Cynthia Dwyer            Advertising Manager                        advertising@mainstreeter.ca
  • Bess Fraser              Layout Designer
  • Daniel Racicot           Distribution
  • Cynthia Dwyer            Accounts Manager
  • Anthony Lenzo            Website and Social Media     mainstreeterott@gmail.com
  • BJ Sierkierski           Website
  • Peter Fowler             Photo Editor
  • Lorne Abugov             Copy Editor
  • Jocelyne Caloz           Copy Editor
  • Lori Gandy               Copy Editor
  • Rédactrice               Jocelyne Caloz
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