Ears on Main’s Angie O’Connor – Skilled Audiologist Brings Her Enthusiasm, Experience to our Expanding Business Community

Terry West

Meet the woman at the helm

There’s something uplifting about Angie O’Connor, the owner of Ears on Main, a recent and vibrant addition to the commercial core of Old Ottawa East. It could be the enthusiasm and commitment she exudes, buoyed by the excitement of finally, after 16 years as a practicing audiologist, opening her own clinic. Add in the prospect of crossing the Flora Footbridge to work every day, accompanied by two of her children who attend Au Coeur d’Ottawa elementary school, and you’ve got a pretty happy camper. It shows, and it’s infectious. In her own words: “For three years I’ve had my eye on the commercial space in The Corners on Main, and at last I’m able to launch my own hearing clinic.”

Photo by Terry West

Ears On Main Angie O’Connor – Photo by Terry West

Training and services offered

So, what training and skills does O’Connor bring to the Old Ottawa East community? For starters, an honours degree in biology (BSc), a three-year master’s degree in science (MSc Audiology- U. Western Ontario), and 16 years in the field – including two years practicing in Australia. In short, she comes well-trained, experienced and committed. Is there a need for an audiologist in our community? As O’Connor puts it, “people tend to take hearing for granted.” Thinking about it, she’s right. We go to the dentist twice a year, have our eyes checked regularly, monitor our bodies for heart and other irregularities, work out in the gym, and watch what we eat. As to our hearing, well, we tend to be neglectful until nudged by those dear to us.

To quote O’Connor, “Aural rehabilitation is more successful if hearing loss is tended to in the early stages. Also, the progression of dementia is slowed if hearing loss is caught in the early stages.” The final product of a hearing checkup is an easily-understandable audiological printout. According to O’Connor, having one or more printouts on file allows the patient to assess the trend and state of their hearing. Should there be deterioration, it can be caught early on. In the bulk of cases, hearing loss is incremental. Most people are not aware that they have been operating at a disadvantage. Ears On Main is geared for adults of all ages, as well as children three and up. Prevention, of course, is the paramount objective. Hence the array of plugs in stock to combat a myriad of situations – swimming, mild noise, extreme noise. Where necessary, patients can be measured for customized plugs. Should hearing aids prove necessary, they are professionally fitted and adjusted, as well as service on an ongoing basis – cleaning, further adjustments, and repairs.

Pocketbook considerations

Hearing aids are not cheap. One of the Ears on Main’s services is to guide patients through a variety of ways to mitigate the financials. These include one or more of the following: private health insurance plans; the Ontario Assisted Devices Programme ($500 per ear); Veteran’s Affairs (100% coverage); and the Ontario Disability Services for patients under 65. If, in O’Connor’s assessment, hearing loss was due to the workplace environment, she will assist the patient in applying to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Pop in for a visit

Got a minute? Drop in and introduce yourself. You won’t have to talk ears. Most likely, the subject will be children, hiking, biking, horses, travel, or the community.
Chances are, you peeked in the window while Ears On Main was being set up. If you had, you would have seen O’Connor’s husband, mom, dad, and kids, pitching in with the drywalling, painting, and decorating. That’s all finished now, and she’s settled into The Corners on Main.

Time to stop by and say hello.

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