Old Ottawa East Community Garden Update

Zinnias and Cosmos brought the bees to make the gardens bountiful. Photo by Linda Rankin

As September brought  shorter days and Ottawa East community gardeners harvested the year’s bounty, I asked people to think about what the growing season meant to them.

New wooden surrounds improved the appearance of  the community plots behind Saint Paul University. Flowers planted to attract bees turned the area into a beautiful landscape.

One first-time gardener waxed poetic in her response.

“This was my first year gardening, and I have been astonished to learn just how much I love it,” she said. “I can’t believe it took me this long to get my hands dirty – and am also surprised by how easy it is to grow food. Going to my garden and being rewarded by a never-ending delicious bounty brought a smile to my face every time. Nothing takes away the woes of the world like witnessing growth, and then tasting it.

“Sharing this space with other people was also special,” she added. “I was able to gaze at the magic they created in their own gardens, and appreciate the lush jungle of food that we collectively created. People were friendly and relaxed – I felt like I got to know my community a little better. I also picked up some tips. As the season winds down I already have grandiose plans for next year!”

The food bank garden was poised to deliver another bushel of potatoes and carrots and spinach. Then it would be done for another year.

We can’t leave 2014 gardening season behind without a great shout out to Saint Paul who made it possible. Thanks from all of us.

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