Greenfield Village: A thriving corner of our community, and Construction plans continue for Greenfield

Tara Hogeterp 

Old Ottawa East is made up of many different little neighbourhoods. I am hoping to introduce readers to perhaps a lesser-known corner of our community. Our little section is made up of just eight small streets and sits north of Highway 417 with a wide variety of housing, including townhomes, condos, apartment buildings, and single-family homes. We have a small handful of businesses including The Emporium furniture store and HBK Hair Koncepts, as well as hosting the AIDS Committee of Ottawa.

I think our little corner of Old Ottawa East deserves an informal name that is fitting of our thriving and changing neighbourhood. I have heard people refer to the area as the Archville Triangle, but I feel that the name does not do the area justice since Highway 417 cut off the community from Archville many years ago. I bought a map of Ottawa a few years ago which named our neighbourhood “Greenfield Village”, and to me, that name really captures where our little corner of Old Ottawa East is heading.

Having lived in “Greenfield Village” for nearly a decade, it sometimes feels a little disconnected from the larger Old Ottawa East community. The highway creates a clear barrier and very much separates us. In fact, many readers may only ever enter our neighborhood to access the highway going west, or when heading to the University of Ottawa.

Our linkage to OOE remains Main Street – and you can tell that we are disconnected as the City didn’t even include our section’s revitalization as part of the initial reconstruction of the street. Today, the bike lanes end as you enter our neighbourhood, shooting cyclists out into traffic and causing me to hold my breath every time our children bike home along the path. However, I like to think the recent artistic paintings completed along the walls of the overpass create a vibrant welcome to the area.

Fortunately, north of the highway will receive the same treatment as the rest of Main Street; in 2019 the city plans to begin finishing our section with bike paths and hopefully a crossing along Colonel By Drive. Greenfield Avenue will also be dug up and plans are in the works for bike lanes and a signalized pedestrian crossing across Greenfield at Concord Street. Despite the impending construction, with all its noise, dirt, and disruption, I know our family is looking forward to the results – making our little community safer and more accessible for all.

Speaking of construction, new developments are going in at almost a breathtaking pace. We have had two four-storey apartment buildings, infill buildings, a townhouse complex, and a number of major house modifications in the last couple of years. Two new buildings are being constructed now, with the potential for 3 or 4 other projects to begin in the near future. The neighbourhood is rapidly changing, as are the residents.

When we first moved into the area there were few children and we felt a little lonely, but more and more families are now living here. A group of families have even created a community Facebook group and host events such as Easter egg hunts, carolling and trick or treating. To me, the neighbourhood seems all the more vibrant with the increased number of children out and about.

I decided to do some digging and contacted the artist of that city map I bought, to see where he found the name, “Greenfield Village”, but sadly he did not recall. I really like the name and hope that others may share my opinion. I know there are historical connections to the name “Archville” but that covers much more than just our small section. I am curious to hear what other residents of Old Ottawa East think.

In the next issue of the Mainstreeter, I plan to take a more historical look at Greenfield Village. If any readers have any stories, memories or photos they wish to share I would very much
appreciate hearing from you.

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